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Broward County Clinical Studies for Medical Advancement

Clinical Research Studies

If you or a loved one is currently battling a mental illness, addiction or medical condition, you may be interested in participating in one of our clinical trials here at Research Centers of America (RCA). RCA is one of the leading clinical research companies in Broward County working with pharmaceutical companies to help identify new treatments options. There are many important steps in developing a new medicine or form of treatment. Clinical trials are one of these necessary components that pharmaceutical companies rely on in order to discover new medications and help others experiencing mental illness, substance abuse, or addiction, just like you or a loved one. These research studies are necessary to understand how a medication works, its effectiveness and safety, and for whom it may work for. You can be a part of this exciting process to possibly help others in the future. Please contact us today at (954) 990-7649 to inquire!

Our areas of expertise include the following:

Your Participation

At RCA, we understand that deciding to participate in a clinical research study is a decision that cannot be made without careful consideration. It requires taking the time on our part to ensure that you are fully informed and understood exactly what to expect in participating in a trial. We will thoroughly explain all aspects of a study from the schedule of appointments and procedures to the potential positive and negative effects involved, and address any safety concerns you may have. Before participation in a particular trial, we can work with you to determine if you meet basic eligibility requirements, such as your age, gender, current medical condition, and medication regimen. If we are conducting multiple studies in which you are interested in and may qualify for, we will discuss each study opportunity and collectively agree on which one is best for you.

Once you choose to participate, our staff is dedicated to making you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process. Your participation in completely voluntary and you may choose at anytime to change your mind. Our team is committed to you and always keeps in mind, what is in your best interest. Clinical trials are an opportunity to offer you access to new treatments, treatments not otherwise available to you or the general public, and other study-related procedures at no cost. In fact, you are compensated for your participation in our clinical trials. You can help RCA and pharmaceutical research companies discover new or better treatments options.

We are currently enrolling for studies and have new opportunities every few months, so if you are interested in obtaining more information, we would be happy to speak with you. To schedule a free consultation, please stop by our office or give us a call now at (954) 990-7649!

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We're here to change lives,
one smile at a time.

Values and Benefits

  • Quality care for our patients
  • Study Medication at no cost
  • Laboratory and other testing at no cost
  • Thorough examinations and testing
  • Financial compensation for participation
  • Free consultations
  • Identification of new treatment methods